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We Cerakote the FINEST firearms in Austin

Protect your investment with a certified Cerakoting applicator!

We are a Certified Cerakote applicator in Austin, Texas. Meaning we have been selected to perform top level Cerakoting on all the products we touch. Their are only a handful of us in the Central Texas area. Please checkout our pricing below and contact us prior to sending any work to be done.


AR-15/10 Platforms
  • Complete Rifle (Solid Color) $325 (Includes: Upper/Lower, Barrel, Buttstock, Handguard, One Mag, and Grip)*
  • Furniture Only $150 (Includes: Handguard, Grip, and Buttstock)*
  • Upper Receiver Stripped $75*
  • Lower Receiver Stripped $75*
  • Upper/Lower Combo Stripped $150*
  • Upper/Lower/Handguard Combo Stripped - $200
  • Barrel - $75
  • Magazine - $35
  • Buttstock $75*
  • Handguard $75*
  • Grip $35*
  • Small Parts $50-$75 (Examples: Charging Handle, Magazine, Buffer Tube, End Plate, Controls, etc.)*
*Labor to tear down rifles $75

  • Complete Pistol (Solid Color) $200* - Includes small controls
  • Slide $75*- Disassembly $35
  • Frame $75* - Disassembly $35
  • Small Controls Only - $75 (Examples: Trigger, Controls, Grips, Sites, etc)*
*Labor to tear down complete pistols $75
*Labor to tear down revolvers $125

Any Digital Camo, Multicam, or Battleworn finishes will require quote. Please contact us for details.

Please Contact Us before shipping any projects and note that shipping is not included to us or from us.

DISCOUNTS of 10% to all verified Military, Fire Fighters, LEO, and EMS.

The business that performs Cerakote to your firearm in the Austin, Texas region.