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ATX Armory A2 Flash Hider for AR15 Rifles ATX Armory Flaming Pineapple Flash Hider for AR15 Rifles
ATX Armory's A2 flash hider is a tried and true option for any 5.56 build. Classic looks, functionality, and affordability make it a no brainer for the budget minded builder. Crush washer included. ATX Armory's "Flaming Pinapple" flash hider is a unique design that enhances the look and feel of your AR15 Platform rifle. Crush washer included.
ATX Armory 308 Flash Hider for AR10 Rifles
ATX Armory's Tactical flash hider will keep your AR-10/AR .308 platform rifle shooting straight while greatly reducing recoil impulse and muzzle rise so your weapon shoots straight back to keep you on target. Crush washer included.